Couple on the Beach
July 13 - September 17, 2016

A group exhibition at The Dayroom
177 Water Street, 3rd Floor, St. John's, NL
cell (Canada): 647-459-5880
Opening Wednesday July 13, 2016, 7-10 pm

Stella: Maybe one day she'll find her happiness.
Jeff: Yeah, some man'll lose his.
--Rear Window (1954)

Alyssa Matthews (Brooklyn, NYC)
Sarah Sands Phillips (Toronto, ON)
Hazel Eckert (St. John's, NL)
Walter George (Conception Harbour, NL)

The Dayroom is proud to present artists Alyssa Matthews, Sarah Sands Phillips, Hazel Eckert and Walter George as part of our inaugural exhibition and public opening. Couple on the Beach takes its name from the iconic 1954 painting by Alex Colville (1920-2013). In the painting, a woman lays on her side, the curve of her body forming the contour of the horizon. Her face is hidden by a straw hat. A man, crouched at the knees, faces the woman, his back to the viewer. Both the male and female figures possess independence while occupying a space of unfeigned intimacy. In typical Colville fashion, the languor of a day at the beach is offset by invisible, hovering disquiet: a private scene simmering with danger and violence. Couple on the Beach takes note of the richness of Colville's composition and re-positions the figurative painting through discretionary references to hot sand, threat, closeness, emptiness, man and woman, fields of vision and desire.

--Penelope Smart, The Dayroom

Documentation by Noah Bender