It Was There, two-person exhibition with Benjamin Edelberg
May 7- 9, 2015

187 Augusta Avenue
Toronto, ON Canada m5t 2l4

Press Release:
Connected through a mutual interest in assemblage and materiality, Edelberg and Sands Phillips are interested in working through the inherent restrictions and limitations of found materials, remolding film and video as a way to create new moments. "It Was There" features two works that involve accessing, retracing, and altering memory. These videos are fragments in time, assembled out of salvaged and historical footage of foreign spaces and structures. Using anything from found 8mm film and footage sourced from YouTube and cellphone cameras, both artists are challenged to explore how these vintage and contemporary images became filtered and impacted through their past and present contexts.


Endings No. 1 (Sail), 2015
Film Type: 8mm on digital video
Duration: 00:03:24 (00:27:18, looped)
Endings No. 1 (Sail) was made by splicing together the perforated ends of found 8mm footage. This film format was manufactured with punctured tails, usually discarded in the splicing process. These textured anachronistic moments explore film’s materiality, and were collaged together in an attempt to question "the end" in film, and to honour closing seconds of dismissed time.