Poems I Tried to Write You, typewritten poems, 2013
Eight personal poems typed using a  broken 1970's electric typewriter.
Varying sizes, typewriter ink on found paper.

Poems I Tried to Write You, HD video, 2015
Duration: 00:56:41
Featuring: Susy Oliveira, Duncan Alexander Cameron Stewart,
Kristen D Schaffer, Benjamin Edelberg, Catherine Sands Phillips,
Lili Huston-Herterich, Sebastian Frye, and Rebecca Travis

Exhibited as part of Eye Rhymes at General Hardware Contemporary, November 12 - December 5, 2015

"Sarah is not the poet of Love but she has written poems. Recently, she found an electric typewriter and transcribed some sombre ones she’d written years ago. The typewriter refused entire swaths of alphabet; more page got through. The poems, once dense, lightened. Now friends who’d never seen them before read them aloud, reshaping lines like oo gropped reentess. Working to form the words, the readers smile spontaneously and in spite of themselves. Not regressively, but redemptively."
-- Excerpt from "love's moves" by Heather White, full text here

Documentation by Yuula Benivolski