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Under Sun, 2015
Film Type: 8mm on digital video
Duration: 00:06:01

Under Sun was made by splicing together light leaks from assorted reels of found 8mm footage (c., 1935-1965). The fragments were spliced together, digitized, and slowed down to better highlighting the unique painterly abstraction of every frame while frayed edges, hair, and dust, draw attention to the film as material.

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Untitled (Bleached Film), 2015
Duration: 00:23:09, Segment Length: 00:02:31
Film Type: Super 8 mm on digital video

This video was made using found super 8 mm film, it was treated with bleach by taping and painting off sections of the film. The film was then digitized and slowed down to draw attention to the resulting flame-like painterly abstraction of each frame.

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Endings No. 1 (Sail), 2015
Film Type: 8mm on digital video
Duration: 00:03:24 (00:27:18, looped)

Endings No. 1 (Sail) was made by splicing together the perforated ends of found 8mm footage. This film format was manufactured with punctured tails, usually discarded in the splicing process. These textured anachronistic moments explore film’s materiality, and were collaged together in an attempt to question "the end" in film, and to honour closing seconds of dismissed time. Additional perforations were animated into the film by copying individual punctures in each frame.

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