b.Tsí Tkaròn:to, Canada
Lives in Tokyo, Japan


White Columns︎

Red River Métis/British-Irish artist and poet. My practice is grounded in materiality and engaged in an interdisciplinary, process-oriented investigation of intuitive sites of presence and absence, intention and the skin.

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GRADUATE WORK (2018-2019)
Fresh flowers in alginate in a container in a carry bag, 201 9
narcissus daffodils, cured alginate, plastic container, plastic bag
27cm x 20cm x 1 3cm

Oil on the skin, 201 9—present (ongoing scupture series) 
oil paint on dried graepfruit peel
16cm x 6cm x 8cm 

Good enough, 201 9
hummus container, failed grapefruit alginate mould, plastic for clay work, tissue, glue
15cm x 12cm x 15cm

What it feels like to paint (I really needed yellow), 201 9
dried out oil paint tube, torn tube wrapping
16cm x 10cm x 3cm

Flowers and sick (to keep), 201 9
narcissus daffodils, pink resin pieces, dirty tissues, plastic bag
32cm x 13cm x 10cm
Early Wave Form, 2018
35 mm photograph

Through a new window, 201 9
sublimation print on rubber
20cm x 20cm x 5cm

Touch, 201 9
sublimation print on rubber
40cm x 1 2cm x 1 2cm

Microfleur Residues, 201 9
flower stain, char, cotton
20cm x 20cm
Removed, 201 9
nail polish, paper towel
25cm x 25cm

Preliminary wave, 201 8
20cm x 20xm x 7cm
Ceiling studies, 2018-2019
digital photographs 
28cm x 21 cm each

Turning your back, 2018
Image transfer on silk, plywood
50cm x 1 01 cm x 5cm