b.Tsí Tkaròn:to, Canada
Lives in Tokyo, Japan


White Columns︎

Red River Métis/British artist and poet. My practice is grounded in materiality and engaged in an interdisciplinary, process-oriented investigation of intuitive sites of presence and absence, intention and the skin.

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Untitled (Photographs of Canada), 2014 - 2018
Manipulated found photographic prints on paper, varying sizes. 


Untitled (Photographs of Canada) is a series of manipulated found photographic prints on paper. Taken almost exclusively from Canada / A Year of the Land (1967), published by The National Film Board of Canada, the images document the Canadian landscape. Selected based on their compositional structure and existing forms, they were carefully sanded to remove any recognisable traces. Blurring the definitions of photography and drawing, in many ways the physical process inherent to their making addresses the shifting and fading quality of memory, as well as its connection to the body.