b.Tsí Tkaròn:to, Canada
Lives in Tokyo, Japan


White Columns︎

Red River Métis/British-Irish artist and poet. My practice is grounded in materiality and engaged in an interdisciplinary, process-oriented investigation of intuitive sites of presence and absence, intention and the skin.

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Names for Paintings for Another Time

Published by Swimmers Group
Year: 2017
Special Thanks: Gart Darley

Envelope embossing performed by Pam Lobb at Graven Feather, Toronto

19 sheets printed on archival alkaline/acid free paper

Produced in an edition of 25 with 3 artist proofs

My deepest gratitude to Sebastian Frye of Swimmers Group for his ceaseless pursuit of excellence, collaboration, and unwavering belief in this project.

Names for Paintings for Another Time assembles in facsimile reproductions a series of typewritten concrete poems by Sarah Sands Phillips. Emphasizing the tactility and structural ambiguity of language, we collaborated closely with Sarah to imitate the size, look, and feel of the originals. The result is an artist multiple extending from the lineage of her poetic sculptural practice.